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Branson travel is known for its small-town character and, like most small towns, it’s not hard to find affordable prices for lodging, dining, shopping and most entertainment. Shopping competes head-to-head with live shows as the most popular activity, and Branson’s travel appeal is rounded out by outdoor activities around the lakes. Wholesome, family-friendly live entertainment is big here, as is patriotism and fundamental Christian values (you won’t find profanity escaping entertainers’ lips and don’t be surprised if performers start praising Jesus on stage). These are the qualities that nurtured Branson’s growth, and the town holds on tight to them. In the “Veterans’ Capital of America,” most shows honor vets by inviting them to stand for a round of applause. Even so, several shows speak to the younger crowd, and the popular shops, nightspots and events of Branson Landing (the shopping-entertainment district that opened in 2006) appeal specifically to them—as do Table Rock Lake’s many ...See More water sports, such as wave running, boating and scuba diving. While Branson’s theaters have held tight to the qualities they were based upon, they’ve loosened their grip on presenting country music exclusively. More than half of Branson’s shows now feature other types of music and performances, including acrobats, rhythm artists and rock ‘n roll. In keeping with the pulse of life in the Ozarks and the focus on theater shows, nightlife here is minimal. If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy some family friendly activities, a Branson vacation may be for you. See Less
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