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Omaha When To Go and Weather

Peak Season Late June
Peak season for Omaha is the last ten days or so of June, when the country’s eight best college baseball teams and their fans converge on the city for the College World Series. Since 1950, NCAA Division I baseball has found a welcoming home in Omaha. In addition to tournament play, there are street fairs, concerts and enough events throughout the city to keep 300,000 visitors entertained even in the case of a rain delay. 2010 was the last year for the much-loved Rosenblatt Stadium, which will be replaced by the TD Ameritrade Park. In general, June is an ideal time to explore Omaha. The intense humidity of the Missouri River valley has not yet raised its ugly head to intensify the heat of a Midwest summer, but sunny days and bright blue skies usually prevail.
Off-Season December - March
If you’re coming to Omaha in the winter, be prepared for anything. It’s not unheard of for nighttime temperatures to hit 20 below zero a few nights in January or February, making winter a more challenging time to explore this riverside city. However, there’s rarely more than six to eight inches of snow on the ground, and of course, there’s sometimes an unexpected day or two when winter temps are moderate and comfortable, in the 40s and 50s. Street crews are prepared for snow and ice removal, so getting around is rarely a problem. The people of Omaha know how to live with cold, inclement weather, so rarely are events cancelled, nor are stores closed. 
Shoulder Season April - May; September - October
Like much of the Midwest, Omaha is most pleasant in the spring and fall. Despite occasional severe weather in the spring months (if those tornado sirens sound off, don’t hesitate to take cover), the city comes alive with the brilliant color of thousands of blooms at Lauritzen Gardens. The birth of new babies at the Henry Doorly Zoo is another reason to celebrate the season. This is when a majority of the festivals and outdoor events take place, when the bike trails come alive with activity, and people watching in the outdoor cafes in the Old Market is at its best.