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Las Vegas Nightlife: 5 New & Newly Renovated Clubs & Bars On The Strip

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Where To Stay in Las Vegas: Seven New Hotel Rooms on the Strip and Downtown

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Elvis, Sinatra, eloping to the wedding chapel, casinos, and gourmet food: Las Vegas is proof that in America, nothing succeeds like excess. Take a spin around the neon and you decide if Las Vegas travel is for you. Whether it’s 50-cent martinis, $7 steaks, thousand-dollar call girls, palatial penthouses, designer burgers or a $69 room right off the pool, you can find it on your Las Vegas vacation. The focus on excess has paid off in the creation of a city of “ests.” These include the greenest hotels and casinos, the cheapest meals in America—and the most expensive, too; the largest hotel spas in the country; the most expensive and elaborate production shows in the world; the largest choice of celebrity headliners per square mile; the most expensive and tech-forward free entertainment attractions anywhere; some of the largest and most entertaining shopping lands on the planet; and throughout it all—deals, deals, deals. Just be aware that in Las Vegas, travel is always an adventure.
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