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Atlantic City Pop Culture

You've seen Atlantic City in plenty of movies--you probably just didn't know it. That little flick starring Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and George Clooney, known as "Ocean's Eleven," was primarily shot in AC. The city was also featured in "Beaches," the 1988 sob-fest with Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler, as well as the 1980 movie "Atlantic City" with Susan Sarandon and Burt Lancaster. In 2004, former "Friends" star David Schwimmer arrived in town to shoot an indie film with comedy start Janeane Garofalo. Atlantic City's also had starring roles in TV shows, too. "The Sopranos," of course, shot here in 2006. It's been on "The Simple Life" with Paris Hilton, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "America Eats," to name a few. Last, but certainly not least, Atlantic City is the name of a song performed by native Jersey Shore rocker Bruce Springsteen. The dark ditty about mob violence appeared on his 1982 album "Nebraska."