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Niagara Falls When To Go and Weather

Peak Season May - October

The Niagara River and all of humanity are at peak flow in Niagara Falls from May through mid-October. The hot summer months are perfectly suited for exploring the wet-and-wild attractions in Niagara Falls State Park, as well as enjoying the many outdoor pursuits in northwestern New York. Prices are highest during these months, as well, but it’s the ideal time to check out Niagara Falls' historic outposts on the bluffs of Lake Ontario and around the Erie Canal. The start of the high season is a little soft—depending on how warm it is, crowds can start heading north as early as mid-April.

Off-Season December - April
From December to April, you’ll find Niagara Falls doing a fairly good impression of a ghost town. It’s always got some hardy souls visiting, but particularly in the dead of winter (January and February) it’s just about empty. Prices drop and bargains abound, but it requires serious intestinal fortitude to visit Niagara Falls State Park in freezing temperatures. Even with water flow at its lowest, you’ll be drenched in a constant and frigid mist that can make the trip very unpleasant. Keep in mind that while the park is always open, many of its most popular attractions—Maid of the Mist, for example—are closed in winter. On the other hand, Niagara Falls’ indoor pursuits (shopping and gambling) are perennially attractive, and hotel rates drop way down.
Shoulder Season November and March

Technically speaking Niagara Falls has two shoulder seasons: fall and spring. Once the weather turns really nippy, usually after Halloween (Oct. 31), traffic drops precipitously. It doesn’t help that during the slow months the local hydro-power company siphons off half of the water flow from Niagara Falls. All that makes for a listless-looking natural wonder, but crowds still come well into November as long as temperatures aren’t routinely at freezing or below (and that does happen this far north). Spring starts at some point mid-March, and usually lasts a muddy two weeks. Since you’re going to get wet anyway at Niagara Falls, don’t let a little rain dissuade you from visiting. Hotel rates will be lower than peak season, but still higher then you’ll find in mid-winter.

Niagara Falls, NY Weather Forecast

7-Day Forecast

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    55  35

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    63  48

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    Mostly Cloudy

    74  56

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    Scattered Thunder- storms

    74  61

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    Partly Cloudy

    79  63

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    77  61

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    Scattered Thunder- storms

    75  61