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Charlotte History

Cotton fields to skyscrapers—that's the varied path that Charlotte history has followed over the past few centuries. Named after Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, the city’s history dates back to the 1700s when it was a crossroad of Native American trading. Many of the early settlers were devout Christians. Those roots can still be seen today, as Charlotte is located in the middle of what’s known as the Bible Belt. Early Charlotte residents yearned for independence, drafting their very own Declaration of Independence in 1775. When gold was found soon after, Charlotte began to grow in earnest. Unlike many areas in the South, Charlotte escaped the Civil War rather unscathed. Because of this, and thanks to the Charlotte Gold Rush, the city came out ahead of most of the South, paving the way to be become a financial powerhouse on the East Coast. This remains the case today, as many large banks and financial institutions call Charlotte home.