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Charlotte Transportation

Getting There

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the city's main airport. Situated on the west side of town, it’s conveniently located just seven miles from Center City (Uptown). While Charlotte transportation options are many, taxi service is the primary mode of transportation from the airport to downtown Charlotte (drivers charging a flat rate of $25). You can also catch a ride with CATS (Charlotte Area Transit System) bus service into town. Look for the bus in front of the Zone D baggage claim. Some hotels offer shuttles to and from the airport. Charlotte Douglas International Airport receives domestic and international flights from many international cities. U.S. Airways is the primary carrier, as Charlotte is one of its hubs.
Charlotte transportation options include Amtrak, which brings daily passenger rail service to downtown Charlotte from locations throughout the U.S. Please note that the neighborhood around the train station isn't one of the nicer districts in Charlotte, so it's best to have a ride arranged before your arrival or plan on taking a taxi. The train station is just a few miles to many of Charlotte’s downtown hotels. There’s also an Amtrak station in nearby Gastonia, but it's a half-hour drive from downtown Charlotte.
Greyhound provides bus service into and out of Charlotte. The Charlotte Greyhound station is located just north of Uptown Charlotte, making it easily accessible to many Charlotte hotels. It's best to make pick-up arrangements before your arrival or plan on taking a taxi.

Getting Around

Taxis are commonly used in Charlotte. With the Charlotte airport’s located so close to downtown, fares are a reasonable flat rate of $25 from the airport. All other taxi rides run on a meter. Unlike bigger cities, visitors may need to call for a taxi, rather than flagging one down. There are several taxi companies that run frequent service around Charlotte. The Diamond Cab Company is one taxi service we like: 704-333-3030.
Driving in Charlotte can be one of the best ways to get around. Although there are several different major highways and interstates running through and around Charlotte, the metro area is grid-like, which makes it fairly easy to navigate. Like most metropolitan areas, driving can be especially heavy between 4PM and 7PM on weekdays.
Public Transit

Charlotte public transit runs through the primary neighborhoods of Charlotte, including Uptown and the South End, eventually stopping just short of Pineville at the south end of the perimeter. The LYNX light rail, the newest transport addition, features one line with 15 stations, taking passengers through the Uptown and South End neighborhoods. The bus system (CATS) features several hundred buses running on many different routes in and around the Charlotte perimeter, with many of the passengers being locals commuting to and from work. Prices for the bus system start at $1.75 for a one-way ticket.


Useful information about the Charlotte LYNX (light rail): .

·        It’s a light rail system, not a rapid transit system, so longer rides can take a little more time.

·        Fares start at $1.75 for a one-way ticket, while weekly passes can be purchased for $17.50.

·        There is parking available at some of the 15 stations.

·        This is the initial phase of Charlotte’s metro project; additional stations and lines are being added in the future.

·        The LYNX Blue Line operates between I 485/ South Blvd station and Uptown Charlotte, home to many of the city's major attractions.  

·        Children in grades K-12 ride for 85¢ and tots under 5 ride free.


Useful information about the bus system (CATS): .

·        There are more than 40 county-wide bus lines routes.

·        Fare is $1.75 each way and $2.40 for Express routes.

·        Children in grades K-12 ride for 85¢ and tots under 5 ride free.

·        For route information, please check the CATS website.