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Tulsa When To Go and Weather

Peak Season March - July

Late spring and early summer are the very best times to visit Tulsa, when the weather threatens neither heat nor hailstorms. It's lovely from March to May, which means the parks are packed with camera-toting parents trying to capture mantle-worthy shots of their kids in front of the colorful displays of azaleas. And summertime brings loads of festivals, as well as outdoor concerts and shows performed in open-air amphitheaters. Most of Tulsa's indoor attractions can be enjoyed any time of year, but it's a heck of a lot more fun when the weather cooperates. Since Tulsa's not driven by the tourist industry, prices don't change dramatically, even during the peak season.

Off-Season December - February.
Tulsa gets the full range of seasons, which means it has a true winter that you really don't want to have any part of, if you can help it. December through February gets pretty chilly and gray, and none of Tulsa's outdoor attractions are very appealing. Even running from the car to the safety of a museum can require some serious bundling that can put a bit of a damper on things. Temperatures can drop into the negative numbers, which is really no way to spend a vacation—especially if there's an ice storm that leaves the streets littered with overburdened tree branches.
Shoulder Season July - November

July and August still see visitors, since it's summer vacation time, but be aware that the weather can be oppressively, maddeningly hot. This is the time when the heat index (which takes the humidity into account) makes it feel 20 degrees more miserable than it actually is, and the weather forecasters talk about how many days in a row the temperature has broken 100. The heat predictably breaks sometime right around Labor Day, making September far more pleasant than August, and October is among the most beautiful of months, when the city gets a surprising amount of fall color.

Tulsa, OK Weather Forecast

7-Day Forecast

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    46  19

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    58  34

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    52  25

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    43  28

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    51  38

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