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Tulsa Pop Culture

It's hard to imagine a more fitting musical ode to Tulsa than the Bob Wills song, "Take Me Back to Tulsa." The King of Western Swing may have been a Texan, but Tulsa's where he got his start, and the song is a toe-tapping classic. Don Williams also paid tribute to Tulsa in his 1978 hit, "Tulsa Time." (Of course, Tulsa is also in the Johnny Cash song "I've Been Everywhere," but so were dozens of other cities, because, you know, he'd been everywhere.) Tulsa has occasionally had film cameos in little-known movies with low budgets, but its most notable brush with Hollywood was when Francis Ford Coppola and a cast of young stars thrilled everyone by coming to town to film the movie "The Outsiders." Based on a novel by S.E. Hinton, the book was set in Tulsa, and when it came time to film, Tulsa was the natural choice to play itself. Tulsa got another star turn when Coppola returned to film another of Hinton's works, "Rumble Fish," a short story that was expanded into a novel following the success of "The Outsiders."