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Pittsburgh OVERVIEW
One city bridges the cultural divide between the Midwest and the East Coast of the United States like no other, and that city is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Though Pennsylvania is considered part of the eastern seaboard, Pittsburgh sits on the western side of the state, just two and a half hours from Cleveland, Ohio. Once it was shunned by cosmopolitan travelers as a gritty, polluted and rusting former steel city. But in the past 30 years, Pittsburghers have proven that they have a lot more up their sleeves than steel. It only takes one drive through the Fort Pitt tunnel to convert skeptics. The tunnel, which is the best way to get to Downtown from Pittsburgh International Airport, stretches beneath historic Mount Washington (once known as "Coal Hill"). Suddenly, out of the dark tunnel, you are on Fort Pitt Bridge over the Monongahela River gazing at a picturesque city full of hills and winding roads. Pittsburgh is moderate in size and elegantly trimmed by its famous three rivers, the Monongahela, ...See More the Allegheny and the Ohio. Today Pittsburgh serves as the seat of a number of Fortune 500 companies and legendary American families such as the Heinzes, the Carnegies and the Mellons. The old money of Pittsburgh fuels not only the preservation of historic areas but also a first-rate arts scene. Though its population has yet to surpass its peak during the steel mill glory days, Pittsburgh is consistently named among the best cities in which to live in the United States—and it has escaped the most recent recession virtually unscathed, actually adding jobs since 2008. As a visitor, you'll find Pittsburgh has it all; the arts, the food, the sports, the shopping, the nightlife and the fabulous hotels, without the prices and hassle of cities further east. Even more enticing is the character of this city, which still exudes the mettle of its blue collar past and welcomes you with the warmth of America's heartland.See Less
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