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On the banks of the Mississippi River, Memphis has certainly spawned more than its fair share of classic American culture. What would America be without Memphis? There'd be no Elvis, for one. No rock-‘n'-roll at all, actually. The blues would be a much paler shade. Our barbecue tradition wouldn't be half of what it is today—no juicy, Memphis-style pork ribs or pulled pork sandwiches. On the whole, we'd be a much less-interesting country. People travel from across the world to see Memphis' iconic sights, many of which are music related: Graceland, Sun Studio, the blues clubs of Beale Street. But Memphis never feels like a tourist trap. There's always a healthy mix of locals and visitors, and the city's outgoing nature makes it easy to make new friends. Outside downtown, the city is a living, breathing, often-struggling Southern city. Neighborhoods can be gritty, abandoned buildings ubiquitous. Unfortunately, some of the best barbecue joints and live music venues are on some of the ugliest ...See More blocks. Look for local guidance on which areas are safe for visitors. See Less
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