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Nashville Neighborhoods

Nashville is a neighborhood-centric city; there are many distinctive communities that combine residential areas with retail and restaurants, each with its own flavor and vibe. Frankly, for a metropolitan area of only 1.7 million people, it’s surprising that there are so many distinct Nashville neighborhoods within city limits, and that's a real testament to community pride, as well as local investment. You won’t find much in the way of chain stores or eateries in Nashville’s central neighborhoods; instead, keep an eye out for local spots that make each Nashville neighborhood a stand-alone destination.

Hillsboro Village

A pleasantly walkable area near Vanderbilt University, Music Row and Belmont University, Nashville's neighborhood known as Hillsboro Village encompasses a two-block stretch of 21st Avenue, south of Blakemore Avenue. The Village is home to the Belcourt (the city's last independent movie theater), Fido coffee shop, a brewpub, several specialty shops, and some of our most beloved eateries, including Pancake Pantry, the Sunset Grill and new favorite Cabana.

The Gulch

Long a wasteland of old warehouses and empty lots, this area by the railroad tracks, just south of Broadway and near downtown, has been morphed into an up and coming Nashville neighborhood, hosting the city's most innovative restaurants, some of Nashville's best nightlife and one of its hottest music performance venues. The Gulch's original resident bluegrass club—The Station Inn—soldiers on, as timeless as ever.

The District

The Cumberland River and Lower Broadway form the "T" of downtown Nashville's historical district. The old brick warehouses along Second Avenue have been converted into shops, restaurants, sports bars, nightclubs and performance halls. And the honky-tonks of Lower Broadway are doing a booming business, especially after a hockey game or concert. There are also plenty of gift and clothing shops. During the summer months, you sometimes find a concert happening by the river, and the big, countrified CMA Music Festival rocks this Nashville neighborhood every June.

East Nashville

This historic residential area is really a number of individual Nashville neighborhoods, including Edgefield and Lockland Springs, joined together by the busy district known as Five Points—a hot spot for restaurants, bars and galleries that add new tenants almost daily. The Tolar House Bakery, Edgefield Sports Bar, Rosepepper Cantina and the Radio Café are just a few of the diverse offerings in East Nashville. Pair those eateries with an old-timey hardware store, a gallery (called Garage Mahal) and dozens of other small businesses, and you get a feel for the funkier side of Nashville.


Within just a few short blocks, one can load up on creamy popsicles, invest in a vintage piece of authentic country music memorabilia, indulge in a flight of wine or find that perfect piece of décor for the home in this eclectic Nashville neighborhood. The mish-mash of commerce that is 12South—an area of 12th Avenue near Music Row and Belmont University—just works, thanks to dedicated shop owners and infrastructure investment from the city.