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Sherlock's Baker St. Pub & Grill, Addison

Sherlock's Baker St. Pub & Grill - Addison, Texas
Sherlock's Baker St. Pub & Grill
5100 Belt Line Road, Addison, TX 75254Map

Sherlock's Baker St. Pub & Grill in Addison is open 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. seven days a week.

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By kylepounds2001 | Posted 12/13/12
  I hate this place. They make me feel like a beligerant drunk every time I go there and I'm the opposite of that. I've been to Sherlock's about three times, and the last two were surealistically negative. It seemed like a cool place after the first time because they had cheap hamburgers and $2 beers on Mondays, but the last two times I went there blew my mind with how illogically disrespectful they were to my friend and I. First Incident: I went to Sherlock's with my female friend after having about six beers each at Flying Saucer over the course of about six hours because we were taking our time working on the computer. When we ordered a seventh beer the waitress informed us that they are only allowed to serve six beers per person, so we decided to have dinner and another couple of beers at Sherlock's. When we got to Sherlock's we weren't anywhere near drunk, and ordered a meal and two beers each over the course of a couple of hours. During this time I told our waitress that she looked like Kate Middleton and she said that she didn't; which makes sense as she is part Hispanic. My friend agreed with her and we had a friendly little argument about it that I noticed the waitress was listening to as she walked by with her trainee in tow. I liken people's appearances to the famous all the time, but the waitress must have thought that I said that because I was drunk, which I was nowhere near. I could have easily passed a DUI test and was completely calm. A few moments later my friend went to the rest room, and as I was sitting on the patio I made eye contact with the waitress as she was waking inside, and she shot me this creepy evil look that said, "I've got you". I remember getting a chill up my spine when I saw her look at me like that, but I shook it off as perhaps she being flattered that I likened her to a beautiful woman. A few moments later after my friend returned I ordered another beer and the waitress told me that she thought I was too drunk to order another beer. This was shocking to me as nobody had every told me that before, and I felt pretty much sober, as anybody would be after taking about eight hours to drink as many beers. I was offended that she said that to me, so I paid the bill without a tip and wrote that we had horrible service and left as quickly as we could in disgust. When we got to the car I looked at my bill to confirm that I had only two beers and try to contemplate how she could justify accusing me of being too drunk for another beer, and noticed that she had charged us for four beers each. At this moment I put one and one together and figured that was why she gave me that creepy look. She must have figured that I was too drunk to notice her overcharging me, and that if she had told me beforehand that I was too drunk for another beer, the management would side with her instead of me if I challenged her on how many beers I had. I meant to call Sherlock's, but I took too long and my lock was cut at the gym and my wallet (which had the receipt with her name on it) was stolen before I got around to calling the bar, so I decided to just let it slide and make sure to never go back there again. Second Incident: The LAST time I will ever be in Sherlock's was last night with the same friend. We started out the night by sharing a bottle of wine over a couple of hours, and then got one beer each and nachos at Flying Saucer. Then my friend said she wanted to go to Sherlock's. I told her I didn't want to and reminded her of what happened the last time we were there, but she insisted. She wasn't as angry about it as I, probably because she wasn't the one who was accused of being too drunk for another beer. We got a couple beers with cash at the bar and then sat down. We wanted to order some nachos so we tried to flag a couple of Mexican bussers, but they were too engaged in conversation with each other, and it seemed like they were trying to ignore us as my friend had stood up and was waving at them to get their attention. We could have stood up and talked to a waitress, but we were feeling chatty and I wanted to speak some spanish with them. After the waitress came and we discussed the price of nachos $8.50, and my friend mentioned how the busers were trying to ignore us and that it would have been more professional for them to be more attentive. The waitress said they are bussers and that's not their job, so I told her that I wanted to speak Spanish with them but it wasn't a big deal. My friend had worked as a waitress at a few different places during college and asked to speak to the manager to suggest to to tell the busers to be more attentive, and I also took the opportunity to mention the incident that happened a couple months ago and wanted to talk about that too. To my remark she said the waitress probably doesn't even work there anymore because the turnover rate there is so high. A few moments later, after I was about half way through my beer, a short overwe...   Read More
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