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Dallas When To Go and Weather

Peak Season March - April, September - October
Spring and fall temperatures are cool—for Dallas, that is—but that means perfect weather for exploring the city without sweltering. Add to that the bright flash of color of spring flowers or the blaze of the turning maple, oak and pecan trees and we often choose to brave the crowds to visit during these pretty seasons. While these months bring a relief from summer heat, up to a million visitors, thousands of vendors and an impressive array of fried goods stream into the city from late September through mid-October for the State Fair. Football season is in full swing at all levels, too, so there are times when it feels like Deep Ellum and the Arts District are fit to burst, and the traffic snarls never going to end. Reserve a couple of months ahead for accommodation, a couple of weeks for popular restaurants, and expect higher prices and a lively atmosphere. Night temperatures can lurch downward, so pack a light jacket for evening excursions.
Off-Season May - August
Summer is hot, with successive days jolting above 100 degrees on the heat index. The upside of these baking-hot days is that hotel prices are down, attractions are not crowded, and there are times you’ll feel you have the best of the city to yourself. Consider planning outdoor events in the morning to avoid heat exhaustion during your Dallas vacation. Football season kicks off in August, though, so diehard Cowboys fans converge on the city and lend the city an upbeat air. Pack more sunscreen than you think you’ll need—and a light jacket or extra layer to combat the cool of the air-con if you’re dining inside.
Shoulder Season November - February
The live oaks and evergreen shrubs help keep Dallas from looking too stark and wintry over the chillier months, and temperatures usually hover between 55 and 70 degrees. The main characteristic of winter weather in Dallas is its unpredictability—so pack shorts and something warm in case there’s a light snowfall. Football season comes to a close in December, so things quiet down after New Year and there are great hotel deals to be had. You can find some appealing last-minute prices, and only the hippest restaurants require advance reservations (a week for the fanciest places, a day for more-casual venues) during these months.

Monthly Averages

Dallas, TX Weather Forecast

7-Day Forecast

  • Sat


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    82  71

  • Sun


    Thunder- storms

    80  69

  • Mon


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    84  68

  • Tue


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    85  69

  • Wed


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    87  71

  • Thu


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    86  72

  • Fri


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    84  71