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San Antonio Pop Culture

Shot partially in San Antonio—including a scene at the Cadillac Bar—nearby Helotes and Boerne, is the romantic western All the Pretty Horses, based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel of the same name, starring Matt Damon and Penélope Cruz. John Wayne directed and starred as Col. Davy Crockett in 1960’s The Alamo. Forty-four years later, Billy Bob Thornton is Crockett (Austin resident Dennis Quaid is Sam Houston) in 2004’s The Alamo. It's a great movie to watch before your trip to better understand what the Alamo was about. When you arrive in San Antonio, check out ALAMO: The Price of Freedom which plays daily at the IMAX. Home-grown music: The late Doug Sahm made Is Anybody Going to San Antone? a classic, as did George Strait, known as the King of Country, with All My Ex’s Live in Texas. (Ironically, Strait is married to his high school sweetheart.) If you prefer a little rock with your country, check out Two Tons of Steel. Bibliophiles, pick up San Antonio Then & Now by Paula Allen to see how much things have changed (includes photos of some buildings that are no longer in existence). Read Lewis F. Fisher’s River Walk: The Epic Story of San Antonio's River to separate fact from fiction. Trying to decide which of the numerous books that have been written about the Alamo to read? Stephen Harrigan’s fictional account, The Gates of the Alamo, garnered a lot of press.