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Salt Lake City Mythbusters

Salt Lake City, Utah has its own folklore filled with myths, scary urban legends,...Read More

Safe and Dangerous Places in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah is known for its wide, clean downtown streets and friendly...Read More
Salt Lake City OVERVIEW
Once known for its squeaky clean (and sometimes boring) image, Salt Lake City travel has entered a new era. Some say the shift started in 2002, when the city hosted the Olympic Winter Games (and was busted for a bribery scandal), but those-in-the-know have watched the city come alive over the past few decades. Today, a Salt Lake City vacation offers everything from sushi restaurants and martini bars to craft brew pubs, intimate live music venues, coffee roasters and art galleries—all within sight of the rugged peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The city was founded by Mormon pioneers in 1847, and downtown and Temple Square still stand as the city’s most enduring symbol. But with the repeal of some of the state’s ultra-restrictive liquor laws and a recent string of liberal mayors, this surprisingly diverse city represents more than just the seat of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And when it comes to nature, the city already has wild roots and borders on wilderness that won't ...See More quit, from the steep and deep powder at nearby ski resorts to the migratory bird habitats on the Great Salt Lake. From the city's surprising quirks, to its breathtaking scenery, Salt Lake City travel is full of wonderful adventures.See Less
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