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Montpelier OVERVIEW
If it weren’t for the golden dome of the State House shining among the treetops, you’d likely never guess Montpelier is the capital of Vermont. After all, this tiny city has a population of just 8,000. There is no McDonald’s. (In fact, Montpelier is the only U.S. capital without a Mickey D’s.) And you’re more likely to spot a fleece-clad free spirit riding a bike or browsing Bear Pond Books than a slick politician swinging a briefcase. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll discover, Montpelier is Vermont in a nutshell—or a maple syrup bottle. Sure, it’s often overshadowed by its bigger sister on Lake Champlain, Burlington. But Montpelier sits much closer to the rolling Green Mountains, making the city a terrific base camp for skiing and hiking. The Winooski River (the Onion River), a paddler’s delight, runs right through the city. Then there are the hills, granite ledges and old quarries that surround Montpelier and nearby Barre, making for breathtaking cycling and mountain biking. ...See More How fitting, too, that a statue of Ceres—the Roman goddess of agriculture—tops that gleaming State House. Thanks to the network of neighboring farms and the New England Culinary Institute here, Montpelier has become one of the state’s best places to find fresh, local cuisine, accompanied by eclectic brews and plenty of live music. But really, like the Green Mountain State, Montpelier is an intimate place and a place of contrasts. Thursday night you might go to Thunder Road Speed Bowl in the “twin” city of Barre for car races; Friday morning you might go to the Capital City Farmers Market for heirloom tomatoes and samosas. Visitors might chat with a sixth-generation farmer about grain mills—or a former New Yorker about windmills. And then there’s the wind chill. It’s cold in the winter. But this is Vermont. Put on some cross-country skis, warm up at the Coffee Corner, and you may melt for “Montpeculiar.” See Less
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