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Virginia Beach When To Go and Weather

Peak Season June - September

If Virginia Beach had a season to best represent its character, that season would be summer. This is when crowds roll out to the resort beaches, fill up local restaurants and hotels and generally pack Virginia Beach to the gills. Summertime events kick off on a regular basis, including the famed East Coast Surfing Championship. Although the mercury climbs pretty high in the summer season, the winds off the Chesapeake keep everything relatively pleasant, although the hiking in local state parks may be a buggy, muggy mess.


October, November, April and May

In fall, much of the beach infrastructure begins to shut down as the off-season approaches, but you may still catch some nice days, thanks to frequent bursts of unseasonably warm weather in Hampton Roads. Crowd levels obviously take a precipitous drop, and this is a good time to explore local parks—the weather is that perfect outdoor median. In spring, Virginia Beach tends to be in the process of thawing out, but on nice days you’ll get as much sun as the resort in July, and prices will be significantly cheaper.

Shoulder Season December - February

Winter in Virginia Beach is not the best time to visit. The shore is empty and the neon feels turned off, although some folks like this sort of wintry loneliness. Those people are called “depressing.” On the other hand, the natural beauty of the surrounding nature preserves and parks is considerably enhanced in the cold; these already empty spaces take on a spare beauty when the temperature dips.

Monthly Averages

Virginia Beach, VA Weather Forecast

7-Day Forecast

  • Fri



    74  59

  • Sat



    71  56

  • Sun


    Partly Cloudy

    79  65

  • Mon


    Mostly Sunny

    86  67

  • Tue



    87  69

  • Wed


    Mostly Sunny

    87  68

  • Thu


    Mostly Sunny

    87  68