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Virginia Beach OVERVIEW
When people think of beaches and America, their perceptions tend to skew toward places like Hawaii and California. But guess what state has the longest pleasure beach in the world? That would be Virginia, and the record-holder is lovely Virginia Beach. Geography favors this place. Virginia Beach sits at the eastern edge of Hampton Roads, which isn’t a crisscross of asphalt at all but the place where the James and York rivers flow into the Chesapeake Bay and, eventually, the Atlantic Ocean. This perfect harborage has attracted human settlements since Native American times. Some parts of Hampton Roads, like Norfolk, are dedicated to maritime matters. Some, like Portsmouth, are engines of industry. Virginia Beach is all about having a good time. Situated between the slow tidal marshes of the Chesapeake Bay, the golden barrier islands of the Carolinas and the stormy blue Atlantic itself, this town occupies perfect real estate for the building of a resort. And a resort it has been for over ...See More 100 years, one of the oldest dedicated vacation towns in the U.S. There’s a nice diversity of things to do, from standard relaxation to water sports to a surpassingly energetic arts scene, all complemented by great food. And Virginia Beach is tolerant, attracting everyone from gay-community families to college students and Christian evangelicals. Everyone seems to get along on the spiffy Boardwalk, so head down to Hampton Roads and add your beach towel to the mix. See Less
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