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Virginia Beach Pop Culture

There’s not a lot of TV set in the Hampton Roads region, although if you’re of an evangelical bend, it may interest you to know the Christian Broadcasting Network is based here. If you can find it, watch a cool 2005 History Channel documentary called “The Boneyard” about what happens to derelict naval ships—obviously quite a bit of the special was filmed in Norfolk. Jack Nicholson’s 1973 dramedy "The Last Detail," about sailors falling out with the Navy, is partially set in Norfolk. Virginia Beach’s claims to cinematic fame include 2001’s "Hearts In Atlantis," starring Anthony Hopkins, cheesy action flick "Navy Seals" (1990) and a section of "Mission Impossible 3" filmed on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The Images of America has some nice books about Virginia Beach’s development as a resort, including "Virginia Beach: Jewel Resort of the Atlantic." Hampton Roads has produced a lot of hip hop talent, including Timbaland, Missy Elliot and Pharrell. Pearl Bailey and bluesman Robert Cray hail from Newport News, and while pop singer Jason Mraz is from the Richmond area, his more sun-kissed saccharine odes are at least in part inspired by Virginia Beach.