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Williamsburg When To Go and Weather

Peak Season May - October

The best times to visit during the peak season are the bookends—May and June or October. During late spring and early summer the weather is sunny and generally quite pleasant for lots of walking around (and you will be doing lots of walking around). Same goes for late autumn, when the weather takes on a crisp quality that’s refreshing and well complemented by local pumpkin pie. July, August and most of September, on the other hand, are painfully hot and humid, and crowded besides.

Off-Season December - February
Honestly, it’s probably as crowded (or more accurately, as empty) in the Triangle during these months as during the small shoulder seasons. The weather is going to be fairly miserable, but in some ways this can add to the experience of Yorktown and Jamestown—these places feel somehow more authentic when they’re almost devoid of crowds and buffeted by Chesapeake winds. When (and if!) it snows, Colonial Williamsburg is as cute as a Harry Potter Christmas Special; just be warned it may be hard to drive around the rest of the Triangle.
Shoulder Season November and April

You’re taking a bit of a gamble if you come at this time. If you're traveling with kids, there’s a good chance the most kid-friendly attractions in the Triangle, such as the amusement parks, will be closed and the weather may be gray, wet and nasty. On the other hand, you may catch some unseasonably beautiful days as either fall dies or spring begins. Either way, you’ll be dealing with a lot less crowds.

Williamsburg, VA Weather Forecast

7-Day Forecast

  • Fri



    79  57

  • Sat



    77  58

  • Sun


    Partly Cloudy

    86  65

  • Mon


    Mostly Sunny

    90  67

  • Tue



    92  69

  • Wed


    Mostly Sunny

    92  70

  • Thu


    Mostly Sunny

    92  71