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Williamsburg OVERVIEW
There's no better place to explore American history than in the lab where it was conceived: Williamsburg, Va. The area surrounding it, known as the Historic Triangle, encompasses the Virginia Peninsula, a finger of land bound by the York River, James River and Chesapeake Bay. Historically and culturally the Triangle was home to some of the most important milestones in American history, including the initial settlement of colonial British North America (Jamestown), the place where that settlement learned to govern itself (Williamsburg), the site of eventual independence from foreign rule (Yorktown) and one of the seminal battlefields of said independent nation’s Civil War (the entire peninsula). And unlike in New England, you can get an angle on the history of slavery while exploring this area. And we'll be honest, if you have zero interest in history, you might want to go elsewhere. On a tourism level, the Triangle is easy to love—and hate. There are fantastic eating and lodging options ...See More in and around Williamsburg. And the entire experience is kid- and family-friendly. On the other hand if you take history very seriously, the Triangle can initially come off as too much of a theme park. And there’s no denying: It gets crowded here, especially in summer. Well, we can’t keep away the crowds, but we can assure you: If you want to really learn about what makes the U.S ... well, the U.S., there are people here who are obsessed with American history waiting in the wings past the screaming kids. Give a costumed interpreter or a park ranger some time, and you may come away having learned something new about a country whose roots run deeper and older than you may expect. See Less
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