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A Vienna vacation will enchant, inspire and surprise you. If you're a music lover longing to immerse yourself in the regal metropolis where Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, Brahms and Strauss all made their home, Vienna travel will put you in good company at the very cafes where they met with their contemporaries. If you're a history buff who can't wait for a peek inside the extravagant, architecturally bewildering residences of the Habsburgs, you'll probably come across at least one building of which you'd never heard, that in any other town would be the singular most-celebrated landmark. If you're an art aficionado visiting Vienna for the museums, you'll cherish your first glimpse at Klimt's ‘The Kiss’ at Belvedere Palace. Even if you're just enthusiastic about good food and wine, a Vienna vacation will fill you with wonderment (and sausages). The people here are at once humble and proud, and the younger generation will remind you of the Camden set in London and the cool kids of Berlin. ...See More The grandeur of Vienna transcends every inch of the winding, elegantly navigable city. You'll see men and women in tuxes and ball gowns chowing down by street sausage vendor stands. Even the public trash receptacles maintain a certain elegance.See Less
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