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Acapulco has seen its glory days. The star of Acapulco travel shone bright in the 30s, right on through to the 70s, when it was an international playground for jet-setters. Nova-bright Hollywood luminaries like Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and JFK took regular Acapulco vacations, with their antics eagerly covered in the press. Elvis’ movie "Fun in Acapulco" helped to position an Acapulco vacation in a mainstream light, as a place where normal people could go for a honeymoon or a vacation and, for at least a few days, live large. During those decades Acapulco was synonymous with sun and sophistication.  That was then, this is now. Bright and shiny new resort areas like Cancun and Los Cabos have put Acapulco in the shade. Fickle celebrities left and didn’t return. The lack of new Acapulco hotel builds eventually made the current hotel stock look dated and in need of a brush up. An Acapulco vacation concept could still draw the bargain-seeking spring-break crowd and cruise ship passengers ...See More disembarking for a quick visit and dash through the shops, but its days as a jet-setters paradise were gone.   The present day Acapulco vacation draw is mostly coming from domestic Mexican tourists. Things are changing, though, for Acapulco travel, and this time in a good way. Last year saw the opening of two absolutely world-class, high-end hotels, the Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués and Hotel Encanto. It’s telling, though, that this new construction is taking place in the hills surrounding Acapulco—in what they call the Diamond Zone—miles outside of the city’s former tourist zone. It also remains to be seen if these new properties will attract international travelers, or will become dependent on well-heeled Mexico City residents zipping down to Acapulco for a long weekend.  An Acapulco vacation still has appeal. Its nightclubs are as riotous as ever; its hotels are a bargain, and a scattering of new restaurants in the Diamond Zone serve up delicious fusion cuisine in beautiful settings.  And one thing never changes. Gazing out Acapulco Bay at night, it’s easy to imagine what the glory days were like. This view of Acapulco’s city and harbor is undeniably one of the most stirring in the world.See Less
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