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Cancun Pop Culture

Since Cancun is such a young area, it hasn’t made many appearances in literature and film. Taylor Lautner, the "Twilight" star, is supposedly making an action film called "Cancun," in which his character goes to Cancun for spring break and ends up having to rescue his friends from drug cartels. As books go, there’s a thriller, "A Tourist in the Yucatan," by James McNay Brumfield that traverses the area. More literary, Ron Hansen’s novel "Atticus" takes place in the world of expats living in the Mexican Caribbean. Any of John L. Stephen’s books about the Maya are worth reading before going to Chichen Itza. A fascinating book that gives a view of the Americas before and at the time of the Conquest, including the Maya, is "1491" by Charles C. Mann. Another is "Stolen Continents: The New World Through Indian Eyes" by Ronald Wright. For traditional dance, check YouTube for jarana videos—it’s the traditional couple’s dance of the Yucatan. For music, take your pick: Cancun's music runs the gamut from traditional mariachi music and meringue and salsa to rock and reggae.